Life Seed of Tanzania

Elizabeth Massaba is the Founder and President of Life seed of Tanzania. Elizabeth developed a passion for the Pro-Life movement after herself being among the beneficiaries of Pregnancy Decision Center of Ohio (PDHC). She was privileged to receive PDHC support and services while schooling as an international student in Columbus, Ohio in 2001. After that, she carried a seed to her heart and had the desire to spread the fruit to fellow Tanzanian’s where she was born and raised.

Life Seed of Tanzania was formed for the purpose of saving lives by highlighting the sanctity of human life to the Tanzanian community. Its main role is to reach and rescue those who are abortion-vulnerable and provide a message of life. To achieve this mission, Life seed of Tanzania identifies areas of need from the community and provide education, useful links, and information to the need where necessary. The main goal is to have a community that understands and is aware and active in the sanctity of human life.

Life seed affiliation with other Pro-life ministries resulted in its existence and development. With affiliation trainings, coaching, and resources we were able to turn the idea of having a platform to save lives into reality. On the abortion recovery sessions, attendees were healed and transformed. The opportunity to attend the 2017 Heartbeat Annual Conference was an added advantage as it has expanded the ideas of how we can reach the abortion-vulnerable. Through conference workshops and affiliate networking, we are currently dedicated to reaching youths through school programs.

Life seed of Tanzania has also impacted walk-in vulnerable who left testimonies of how post-abortion counseling has changed the way they perceive life.

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Pictured above: Pro-life trainings in Tanzania and Uganda

 Client Testimonies


Saeda (Female, Age 29) Dar es salaam, Tanzania

“Before coming to Life seed I was very bitter about myself and about men. I hate all men due to sexual abuse background. But now I am healed and I can love again. I have rebuilt the relationship with my fiancée which was broken due to my negative attitude towards men. I know a lot of my friends who would need this type of teachings.”


Godwin (Male, Age 35) Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

“Life seed of Tanzania has answered the puzzle of my life, for the past five years I have been trying to get a baby from different women without a success. Every woman I made pregnant left me and went and aborted the baby. This was repeated four times. I was very confused as I thought I will never have a baby in my life time. Life seed of Tanzania brought hope to my life as I am now rebuilding the relationship with my God who is the beginning and end of all things, through this process I have hope to have better family hence kids.”



All financial gifts received designated for our approved “alliance” affiliates will be forwarded to them in a reasonable timeframe (usually upon exceeding $250US). Heartbeat International deducts $30 plus 3% from the transfer, to help defray internal cost for money transfers, currency conversion, clerical costs, bank fees and any processing fees that might be charged. Should any funds be unable to be forwarded – primarily related to the recipient - they may be re-allocated for similar international work.

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