Tasha Hines and Heaven

Tasha came to see us when she was 8 months pregnant in late 2012. She was separated from her husband and fearful of what was going to happen to her and her unborn child. She did not have a permanent place to live and was staying with a friend until she could get on her feet. She was depressed, highly anxious and feeling extremely alone. As a result, she was experiencing early contractions and cramping. Her counselor listened to all her concerns and helped her to make a plan. She provided her with several community resources to assist with food, material goods, ministry and counsel. She also explained to her our Building Blocks program, which empowers women by giving them the chance to earn “blocks” through different educational- and health-related activities which they can then cash in for baby items. Her counselor prayed with her and Tasha said the contractions had suddenly stopped and she felt much better.

After that initial visit, Tasha quickly got involved in the Building Blocks program and earned enough points to receive a Pack-N-Play, baby swing, several outfits, shoes and diapers amongst other things for her baby. Tasha gave birth to a little girl and named her Heaven. When she came to visit us, she was beaming and smiling from ear-to-ear. She looked like a new person. Everything had fallen into place for her – she now had a place to live, a job, and even help babysitting her new little girl. She was so thankful for the Building Blocks program and continued to stay involved in it even after the baby was born.

Tasha is enrolled in the local Community College and studying to become a nurse.  She is also working.  Heaven is doing very well and is a very happy 1 year old!