Elizabeth and Evelyn


Evelyn — Born January 2024

Elizabeth found herself unexpectedly pregnant with Evelyn after a brief reunion with Ben, her ex-partner. With Ben already moved out and their relationship strained, Elizabeth faced the daunting prospect of single motherhood. Despite her initial excitement, doubts from family and friends left her feeling unsupported and unsure.

Seeking guidance, Elizabeth turned to Planned Parenthood but found little solace there. Pressured into a pill abortion, she regretted her decision immediately upon receiving a text from Ben expressing his desire to keep the baby. Frantically searching for hope, she discovered abortion pill reversal (APR) and reached out for help.

With the support of Ben and a network of compassionate individuals, including the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, Elizabeth embarked on the journey of reversing the abortion. Through this process, she witnessed the resilience of her unborn child and the unwavering support of her community.

Elizabeth Benjamin and Evelyn

As weeks passed, Elizabeth and Ben embraced parenthood, attending counseling sessions together and witnessing the miracle of their daughter's life unfold through regular sonograms at their local pregnancy center. The experience not only strengthened their bond but also reaffirmed Elizabeth's belief in the importance of APR in providing second chances to women facing similar crises.

On January 18th, 2024, Elizabeth gave birth to Evelyn, a vibrant testament to love and resilience. With their daughter in their arms, Elizabeth and Ben found solace in their newfound family unit, planning a future together filled with love and commitment with a fall wedding in the works.

Elizabeth's journey underscored the profound impact of APR in preserving life and offering hope to families in crisis. With a newfound sense of purpose, she vowed to advocate for the preservation of programs like APR, ensuring that every woman facing a difficult decision receives the support and resources she needs to choose life.