Kayla and Maverick


Kayla and Maverick TXMaverick — Born May 2022

In Boerne, at the Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center, Kayla Sunny found the vital support she needed to navigate her journey as a mother to Maverick. From the moment she walked through the center's doors, Kayla was met with compassion and guidance.

Initially unsure of her options, Kayla found reassurance through the caring staff who provided invaluable information and support, allowing Kayla to make informed choices about her pregnancy. Their prayers and unwavering presence offered Kayla comfort and strength during uncertain times. 

As Kayla prepared for Maverick's arrival, the center's programs, notably the Earn While You Learn initiative, became invaluable resources. Through this program, Kayla earned baby bucks, which she used to acquire essential items for Maverick's care, ensuring he had everything he needed from the very beginning.

Despite the challenges of Maverick's premature birth, Kayla remained resilient, supported by the center's prayers and encouragement. Through it all, the Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center stood as a pillar of support, providing Kayla with the tools and resources she needed to care for Maverick and navigate the early days of motherhood with confidence.

As Maverick grew and thrived, Kayla's gratitude for the center's services only deepened. With each milestone, from Maverick's first steps to his first birthday, Kayla found herself surrounded by the love and support of the Pregnancy Care Center community, a testament to the profound impact of their care and services on her journey as a mother.