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Movimento per la Vita

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Movimento per la Vita Italiano (MPV), i.e. the Italian Pro-Life Movement, is active since 1975, working across the nation to promote the right to life and the value of human dignity, from conception to natural death. It promotes a culture of acceptance towards the weakest and defenseless human beings, first of all, the unborn baby.  

The organization has more than 10.000 volunteers gathered in a federation of over 500 “Centri di Aiuto alla Vita” (CAV), i.e. the Pregnancy Help Centers,  and 64 Maternity Homes, which offer temporary housing, assistance, and services focused on difficult pregnancy. In addition to CAVs and Homes, the MPV offers a service called "SOS VITA", a pregnancy emergency network that includes a toll-free line, like the US Option-Line (+39 800 813 000) and an online chat: sosvita.it. These services are opened 24/7 and have assisted over 235.000 mothers, offering specific opportunities to support pregnancies that for personal, family, and economic reasons, that would otherwise have been difficult to carry on.

Along with SOS VITA, MPV offers another service called "Progetto Gemma”, i.e. Gem Project, that provides prenatal long-distance adoption addressed to mothers who are experiencing economic difficulties. Progetto Gemma, since its creation in 1994, has offered financial support to over 23.500 mothers accompanying them during the gestation period and the first year of their children's life.

MPV offers also pro-life training and cultural programs organizing meetings, conferences, and activities, especially ​​among young people. For example, the “Equipe Giovani”, i.e. the National Youth Group, organizes meetings on bioethics and human rights: the "Vittoria Quarenghi" seminars and the "Alessio Solinas" International Award, which has seen the participation of over one million students, are just two examples.




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Click here to visit Movimento per la Vita's website.


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